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Mathematics Team 1st in state:  2012

Mathematics Team 2nd in state :  2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

Mathematics Team 3rd in state:  2016



Words of advice: 

How to study mathematics

  • Work on it a little EVERY NIGHT.  Studying lots of hours the night before the exam is not good and will probably not work at this point in mathematics. 
  • Make sure the daily work is being corrected with the answers in the back of the book and all work is being shown. 
  • Flashcards are highly encouraged for Calculus.  There is a lot of formulas to memorize in Calculus and flash cards work if you use them. 
  • Study groups are highly recommended.  Study groups are awesome if everyone in the group is participating and not copying.

What does a 4-hour college class means?  It means you should expect to study 4-hours per week for the class outside of class time.  Likewise, for a 3-hour class, meaning you need to study for the class 3-hours per week outside of class time.  For example, if you take Dual Calculus and Dual English you should expect to study 7 hours per week outside of class time for the dual credit classes. 


I am available daily for tutorials before school from 7:20-7:55.


I also have a list of available peers who will tutor free of charge for community service hours and a list of tutors who charge for private one-on-one instruction.  See Ms. Hall for a current list.